Jeera Masala Soda /Cumin Soda


Jeera Masala Soda is a traditional, ‘after meal’ Digestive drink.  lended with cumin spice (i.e. having digestive quality) and flavored with sweet & tangy taste, Desi Pop Jeera Masala Soda is a perfect companion of the dishes with spices. Typical jeera masala soda is very effective in treating digestive disorders; so we introduced a cold drink which helps one relish any food.

Kala Khatta


Desi term ‘Kalakhatta’, indicates the color ‘Kala’ (Black) and taste ‘Khatta’(Sour) taste of the syrup. In fact Kala Khatta Soda is not only sour but a mix of sweet, salty and tangy flavors.

Mango Soda


Alphanso mango with its superior sweetness, is said to be the king of fruits. So Desi Pop introduced a fruity Mango Fizz, made from carefully picked  fully ripened Alphanso mangoes brought from India. Plus mostly natural flavours are used to give it a deep-rooted taste and a bursting flavour.

Lemon Soda


Desi Pop Lemon Fizz is a Lemon Soda,which is lightly carbonated soft drink full of tanginess. Revitalizing lemon fizz also uses sugar cane to give you a mouth fulfilling feel.Rejuvenating lemony flavour & refreshing sweet taste of lemon fizz is the perfect treat to beat the summer heat.

Santra Soda (Orange)


Orange flavoured Santra Soda is refreshing soft drink with a fusion of little tart and sweetness, which makes it perfect for making a Cream soda Float. Over and above it’s a delicious & reviving summer drink. Tangy Asian Oranges (popularly known as Santra in India) gives an Indulging taste to this flavourful drink.

Ice Cream Soda


Desi Pop Ice Cream Soda has the classic, old fashioned taste. A combo of Sweetened, bubbly Desi Pop Ice cream soda with creamy & versatile vanilla ice cream perfectly makes up yummy, delightful dessert.

Getting back to the roots

The idea of ‘getting back to the roots’ is at the core of our guiding principles. So we attempt to come up with the products which can remind our consumers (mainly connected to Indo- Asian roots) their childhood days. .


Desi Pop follows a virtue of keeping the ‘purity’ intact. That’s why we offer unique soft drinks with pure taste of Asian fruit flavours to suit local tastes (even if being produced away from the locality).

Client centricity

To cater to the needs of varied consumers, Desi Pops are made suitable for flavour lovers as well as for the health seekers. We believe in producing flavorful soft drinks without compromising on healthiness and well-being.


Emphasizing on diversity, we offer the choicest of fizzy flavours having mood-altering effect. We’ve kept our product portfolio broad to keep up the freshness of brand alive.